Paris => Girona

Gare de Lyon, main station for TGVs going south
Gare de Lyon, main station for TGVs going south.
Departures board at Gare de Lyon
The departures board at Gare de Lyon. There were *two* trains: one terminating at Perpignan and another going all the way to Barcelona. Although the station staff said they were the same train, actually they were separate, but ran one in front of the other. We had separate tickets booked to Perpignan and then to Girona, so consequently at Perpignan we had to get off and run to change trains, along with an octogenarian couple!
Stairs to first class
The stairs to first class. The view may be great from the top but you have to carry your luggage up the steps! Although you can also leave it in standard class if there’s space.
Train #1 to Perpignan
First train, to Perpignan, followed by a mad dash for the train in front to Girona!
Back in Spain!
Back in Spain! At the Hotel URH in Girona.